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Become an

influential leader

Create, organize and share your leadership stories.

story drama

Use the power of emotions to reach the hearts of people

With stories you get heard, you bond, you inspire and motivate. Boost your organization or career to new heights.

Improve your leadership with stories

Have a story for your next pitch, speech or meeting.

Create your stories for all leadership situations

Fireside-stories supports you with your stories, whether in a team or privately.

Envision and inspire
Set a vision, goals, or forward ideas using stories.
Create a winning context
Shape culture, values and beliefs, strengthen diversity and innovation with your stories.
Bring the team to its best
Motivate, care, and challenge with the power of your stories.
Build strength in others
Coach others and provide your perspective with strong stories.
Leverage autonomy for growth
Help others assume responsibility and build self efficacy with your stories.

Why stories work

Humans are primed for stories. Stories always capture attention. Through stories we pass our wisdom to the next generation. Decisions are made on a subconscious, emotional and (later) on the rational level. Thats why, you have influence and power with the strong emotional content of a story.

Create your stories with ease, here is how

Collect the information

Collect the aspects about your story. Invite peers to complement and comment your drafts.


Create the copy of the story

Finetune your prestructured copy. You may create a briefing for an agency or for a freelancer.


Share your stories

Engage others with your stories in communities or in public / social media.


Gather stories from peers

Use communities to start a "call for stories". Create a new private community and provide the link to the people involved! Have fun!


Why stories always work


How to create a learning organization with storytelling

As a child you learned from stories. Promote a culture of storytelling in your organization. Competences and skills for the future will be fostered. At the same time you strengthen the identification with the learning organization.

By Holger Laabs

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Why stories always work


Three essentials for your organizational transformation

Transformation can be much more successful, if you use stories, focus on a few people first and explore and reframe the mindset of the employees.

By Holger Laabs

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Why stories always work


Three most important priorities

Setting priorities and to make the priorities reality is hard for most. Publish stories on your challenges to a mastermind group you trust. It is very effective, liberating and relieving. Tell stories!

By Holger Laabs

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About Us is a child of the Holger Laabs GmbH. Digging deep into innovation, strategy, culture, agility, I realized, stories can make them all work.

The challenges of our time need other means than those of the past. It requires leaders, pioneers, visionaries, and doers join forces to master the transformations of organizations, societies, countries, and continents. People seek psychological safety, a feeling of belongingness and want to understand how their work impacts the world. And stories deliver that.

Most of us default on facts and figures when presenting ideas or asking for change. We rarely use stories. Schools don't teach, how to tell stories and what impact stories create. But best leaders use stories all the time. It is their secret weapon. Before any argumentation starts, they analyze a situation through the lens of storytelling.

I find it should easy to create, to organize and to share stories for you. And it should be easy to comprehend stories for people you care about.

I want people to flourish and organizations to find new grounds in an ocean of uncertainty. I felt it was time to start a platform on storytelling. A place where you can craft and share stories. A place where you may find the needed inspiration, improve mindfulness and diversity of thought. I invite you to sign up for a free account and to start exploring the power of stories.

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