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Stop wasting energy, use STORYTELLING

For business and personal growth

A collaborative place to learn, master and practise the art of storytelling

“I want to work in an organization with values and a purpose, answering societal issues. I want to be informed and empowered and be able to speak up. I want feel as I am heard. I want my ideas to be impactful.”

For you

Learn, master and practise the art of storytelling. Create, organize and share your stories.

For your organization

10 weeks Impact
Cultivate the TOP soft-skills, such as creativity, problem solving and emotional intelligence. Let your people foster collaboration, build networks and trust.

10weeks-Impact program

Peer-supported learning program for a peer group of 4-5 people on STORYTELLING. A mix of in-person and online learning. ~1 hour per week. Take small steps and get constant feedback from your peers to master the pivotal skill. Get your free peer guides.
Who is this program for?

This program is for managers, executives, employees, team leaders, learning and development leaders and anyone who enjoy a more collaborative, creative, human and productive way of communication. The storytelling supplements facts and figures to create a bigger impact of your communication.

How will this program help me?

Together with your colleagues, you dive deep into the art of storytelling. While crafting and presenting stories you learn to recognize and to apply stories. You also look for ways on how to create a culture of storytelling in your organization.

How will this program help my organization?

Through stories people can relate and bond easier to each other. You build the basis for strong networks powered by trust and by psychological safety. You create a shared identity and a feeling of belongingness. You boost key soft-skills, like creativity and emotional intelligence in the world of constant change.

How can I start in my organization?

Start small and invite first movers into the early peer groups. The program is self-guided based on step-by-step manuals for each week. Through discussions and constant feedback, your storytelling skills will improve. Use the stories for your communication, e.g. presentations, talent acquisition, innovation or cultural programs so others can see you, your impact and the outcome of the 10weeks-Impact program. Invite others to set up peer groups, and start another one for yourself.

What resources are in this program?

In this program, you have access to the peer guides for each week. You also have access to the platform (account with a free plan), that will help you to find, to craft, to collaborate on and to share your stories.

What else does the platform have to offer? offers more advanced plans to ease the process of crafting and sharing stories. You gain access to a broader toolset for storytelling in the supplemental expert mode.

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Why stories always work


How to use the storytelling canvas

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Why stories always work


How to create a learning organization with storytelling

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About Us is a service of the Holger Laabs GmbH. Digging deep into innovation, strategy, culture, agility, I realized, stories can make them all work.

The challenges of our time need other means than those of the past. It requires leaders, pioneers, visionaries, and doers join forces to master the transformations of organizations, societies, countries, and continents. People seek psychological safety, a feeling of belongingness and want to understand how their work impacts the world. And stories deliver that.

Most of us default on facts and figures when presenting ideas or asking for change. We rarely use stories. Schools don't teach, how to tell stories and what impact stories create. But best leaders use stories all the time. It is their secret weapon. Before any argumentation starts, they analyze a situation through the lens of storytelling.

I find it should easy to create, to organize and to share stories for you. And it should be easy to comprehend stories for people you care about.

I want people to flourish and organizations to find new grounds in an ocean of uncertainty. I felt it was time to start a platform on storytelling. A place where you can craft and share stories. A place where you may find the needed inspiration, improve mindfulness and diversity of thought. I invite you to SIGN UP for a free account and to start exploring the power of stories.

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